Wednesday, February 22, 2012

1957: Rama Braggiotti Cartoons for "Take It Easy: How to Avoid Everyday Tensions"

The site came across "Take It Easy," a 1957 booklet from The Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Company about stress. Pictures are by Rama Braggiotti and it was written by Ellis Gladwin.

Hat tip to Phil Nel!


Mike Smith said...

I just found another old book from Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance featuring art by Rama Braggiotti. It was mixed in a lot of other items I purchased on eBay. The book is called The Worry-Go-Round, How to Understand Your Everyday Tensions and copyrighted 1955. I was thinking about scanning them and posting them online somewhere, but I wondered if you knew of anyone or a specific site that would be especially interested in his artwork?

Mike Lynch said...

I would post them, Mike. Send me an email at mike at!