Friday, February 03, 2012

Video: John Candy "Roy's Food Repair"

January 17, 1984: John Candy stars in this skit for the short-lived NBC sketch snow THE NEW SHOW. I saw it once back then and still remember it!

Candy channeled real people. No matter what he was in -- and there were times he was in some bad movies -- he was always watchable and grounded. Even this sketch, which goes on a bit too long, is buoyed by Candy's presence. Like a lot of people out there, I miss the guy since his death in 1994.

THE NEW SHOW was a Lorne Michaels production. It ran for nine episodes and disappeared. This was one of the projects that Michaels did while he was away from SNL for five years. More on this at The Greatest TV Writers Rooms Ever.


Alan Smithee said...

Wow - I remember it too. I notice how much slower the pace is than skits today, e.g. an SNL skit.

Neil Robertson said...

I saw both that skit and the New Show. The sketch I'll remember forever is "Walter Cronkite's World of Bloopers." But yes, it was amazing how John Candy made you believe the insane made perfect sense.

Mike Lynch said...

Wow! Just found that clip of Cronkite, Neil! Thanks for the heads up.