Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Cartoon Maps

Victoria Johnson writes for The Awl about the Hundred Acre Wood, THE WIZARD OF OZ, THE HOBBIT, and other young adult fiction that had The Maps We Wandered Into As Kids. 

Above: Jules Feiffer's map from THE PHANTOM TOLLBOOTH by Norton Juster.

"Feiffer's involvement with Phantom Tollbooth came about incidentally—he and Norton Juster were neighbors in a Brooklyn Heights apartment bulding. Soon they became close friends,roommates and collaborators. As Feiffer remembers it, he would illustrate passages as Juster read them aloud. But the map was a bit of a sticking point. Feiffer hated to draw two things, horses and maps, and The Phantom Tollbooth included both."


Myron said...

A snotty question, but also, I think, a legitimate one:

How much did you pay Jules Feiffer to use his drawing in your blog?

Mike Lynch said...

Snotty and/or fair, it's a good question: should Jules Feiffer have been compensated for the use of his work in this blog?

I guess this relates to MSNBC taking a cartoon and posting it on the UP WITH CHRIS HAYES SHOW without a cartoonist's permission.

Let me think it through, Myron.

Am I compensated for writing this blog? Is this blog a commercial enterprise? Is there corporate advertising on this blog?


I see posting that map as fair use of Mr. Feifffer's work. I believe that he was not compensated for the linked article about his PHANTOM TOLLBOOTH art. It's a feature story. It's a "brief (visual) quote for review purposes."

Now, if I had copied and posted the entire PHANTOM TOLLBOOTH book here, then, yes, that's a violation of copyright.

Like I said, a good question!

What do you think?