Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Netherlands MAD Magazine

Sam Henderson shows us the Netherlands version of Mad Magazine #194 from 1986 with the cover that

" ... supposedly enraged American publisher William M. Gaines for actually including a condom in the issue. They seem to be a bit more permissive in other countries. It came out around the time 'safe sex' was all over the news."

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Ger Apeldoorn said...

This cover was drawn by Wouter Lap, who drew all the covers of the Dutch Mad then. One of his most famous ones was an infinity cover with the Dutch Droste Chocolade advertising (which also had an infinity image as it's basis) as the basis. Unfortunately, it seems all originals for these covers have been lost. No one knows where they went. I know this, because Woute Lap's son Maco now draws for Mad. In fact, he is working on the cover of #4 as we type.