Friday, February 24, 2012

National Cartoonists Society Newsletter September 1965

Above: cover photo features "Charlie Schulz, the Reuben, Mayor John F. Shelley of San Francisco and the Mayor's Proclamation of 'Peanuts' Day!"

Some highlights:

 Here's Henri (the JUMBLE!) Arnold, Jackie Gleason, Mrs. Al Smith, a grandson of Al Smith, and Fred and Virginia Waring.

Bob Dunn, Bob Barnes and Eldon Dedini.


Hank Ketcham at the board in his Switzerland home.

1.) Al Wiseman receives Hatlo Trophy from Jimmy Hatlo, Jr. (holding papers). 2.) Wiseman keels over.

Harold Gray, Mrs. Harold Gray and Arthur Laro, Executive VP and Editor of the Chicago Tribune-New York New Syndicate.

The 1965 Connecticut Cartoonists Gold Tournament: Ben Thompson, Jeff Keate and Mort Walker.

Here's a complete 22 page scan of the National Cartoonists Society Newsletter, the September 1965 issue. It was edited by Jud Hurd.

My thanks to Don Orehek for this copy of the newsletter! Thank you, Don (and Suzanne too)!

Above: Suzanne and Don Orehek at the 18th annual party for cartoonists hosted by Fred Waring at his Shawnee Inn.

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Unknown said...

This was great! I stumbled on this post after looking for old Jumble art by Henri Arnold. I spent a lot of time with Jeff this past weekend and I love the Jumble, I just couldn't picture the old art from Arnold after seeing Jeff's for so long. Jackie Gleason! Ketchum's home in Switzerland!