Friday, February 10, 2012

Who Drew the Art for THE JACK BENNY SHOW?

A friend writes asking the identity of the artists responsible for this JACK BENNY PROGRAM title card -- both the faces on the left and the very famous caricature on the right. This is a darn good question. Can anyone cite an answer?

Some of the clues:

The CTVA site declares it a 1963 title card and ...

Ted Naron's A Blog of My Own includes the same graphic and has a clip of my favorite Benny foil: the "YESSSSS" guy: Frank Nelson. This gives me an excuse to show Frank Nelson:

The "YESSSSS" guy continues in THE SIMPSONS:

But I digress. Back to my point: Let me know if you can find out who drew those graphics.


Laura said...

Still working on the cartoon heads, but the sketch is René Bouché.

Smeghead2068 said...

Loved it when Jack went shopping.