Tuesday, March 20, 2012

1960: Harry Truman's Morning Walk

Illinois is on my mind since it's primary day there.

What I see when I turn my computer on: Harry Truman briskly walking thru early morning Chicago in 1960.

I have most of the books by and about Truman. His early morning walks in DC and Independence, MO were routine. Just seeing him up and out in the predawn hours at the age of 76 here (and usually outpacing the Secret Service agents, not to mention any reporters tagging along) reminds me that you chart your own course in life. 

And look at him: he just WILL NOT stop for a photo op! If you want to hang with him, you gotta walk FAST. He's not slowing up for anyone. 

My thanks to my pal Juana Medina for figuring out that HST was by the Renaissance Blackstone Hotel when this photo was snapped.

If you want to read about Truman, try PLAIN SPEAKING by Merle Miller.

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