Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Lincoln Peirce: BIG NATE / WIMPY KID Connection

BIG NATE cartoonist Lincoln Peirce is profiled by The Los Angeles Times' Susan Carpenter today.

If you know Lincoln, you know he is, like most cartoonists, a nice guy.

Twenty years ago. Lincoln, being a nice guy, replied to a struggling college student asking for advice about breaking into the syndicated comic strip field. That college student was Jeff Kinney, who went to achieve massive success (sales over 50 million) with his DIARY OF A WIMPY KID franchise.

Years later, it was Kinney who advised Peirce.

"I owe a lot to Jeff, and not only for his hands-on support but also the publishing climate that evolved in the aftermath of the 'Wimpy Kid' books," said Peirce, whose comics compilation "Big Nate: What Could Possibly Go Wrong" will be out May 1. "All of the sudden, people were much more on the lookout for stories that combined comic and text in some sort of inventive ways. I'm very fortunate."

The article is here.

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Mike said...

We put out a list of umpteen books for our youth reporters, asking them to let us know which ones they'd like to read and review. The latest Big Nate was the first one gone.