Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sid Couchey 1919-2012

Harvey Comics artist Sid Couchey died March 11, 2012. He was 92. He had been diagnosed with Burkitt's lymphoma last month. He died peacefully at his home in Inman, SC. Service will be held in Inman, as well as Mr. Couchey's longtime place of residence, Essex, NY.

Sid Couchey is best known as a prolific illustrator for the popular Harvey Comics in the 1950s and 60s. He churned out many pages with no byline (typical for the time) for titles such as LITTLE DOT and RICHIE RICH. In the 1980s, he drew covers and interior illustrations for GOOD OLD DAYS Magazine.

A heartfelt obituary by Suzanne Moore and Alvin Reiner for the Press Republican is here.

The Comics Reporter has an obituary here.

Below: host Derek Muirden visits Sid Couchey on a past episode of the local PBS program "People Near Here."

More video at Home Town Cable Network.

2004 Podcast: NPR North Country Radio: Remembering Life in a Comic-Book 'Factory'

Some scans from his art for GOOD OLD DAYS Magazine in the 1980s.

From 2010: RICHIE RICH Artist Collaborates on Book with Daughter.

Mr. Couchey learned cartooning from the Landon Correspondence Course.

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