Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cartoonists Are Interchangeable

The above drawing was found at Furby Fungus. 

One of the jokes about being a cartoonist is that when you (the professional cartoonist) are in front of a class of kids, someone's hand invariably goes up to ask a question:

"Will ask you to draw Spongebob or Naruto?"

They don't care what YOU draw, all they know is that you CAN draw. And they want you to draw their favorite cartoons.

It's hard to get the point across that there are different kinds of cartoonists, and they are not interchangeable. 

So, this article from "City Talk" in The Standard shows that even the mighty have the same problems:

With us at breakfast was Matt Groening, the genius behind The Simpsons. He said cartoonists are also considered interchangeable: "One guy came up to me and said, `Hey, you're a cartoonist? Wow, can you draw Garfield for me?"'

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