Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Please Help Complete RUSTY RILEY by Frank Godwin UPDATED

Frank Godwin, are your ears ringing?

I was chatting with Graham Nolan last week about great artists of the comic strip and Frank Godwin's name came up. Now I am seeing Godwin all over.

Above: a 1942 ad by Godwin via the American Art Archives.

Frank Godwin (1889-1959) was an illustrator and a created a couple of great looking comic strips, CONNIE and RUSTY RILEY.  The Stripper's Guide has a profile of him today.

I have always wanted a collection of his comic strip work. I have an out of print CONNIE collection. The Pacific Comics Club has much more here.

Above: a typically lustrous close up from a RUSTY RILEY panel from Dave Karlen's Original Art blog.

Now, here's the good news and the bad news on RUSTY RILEY:

Classic Comics Press is prepping a RUSTY RILEY collection -- but, they need your help.

From the Classic Comics Press site:

RUSTY RILEY - The Dailies Volume 1 has been tentatively put on hold until we find more source material. If you're a collector and can help, please contact us!
If you can assist, please do. Then we may all enjoy Godwin and his ears will ring all the more.


UPDATE: The Classic Comics Press editor contacted me and said all looks good for publication later this year.


Frank Godwin's time in Skaneateles (with guest star James Thurber)
His bio at JVJ Publishing
Frank Godwin's Lambiek entry
Mark Radcliffe gives us many samples of Godwin's work at the American Art Archives.

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