Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Alex Toth: Letters to Irwin Hasen

Selling this on eBay (sale expires tonight): SOLD

Very rare item I bought from Golden Age Comics Artist Irwin Hasen. He autographed it to me in 2006.

Hasen first met Toth in 1946 and they continued to stay in touch after Toth left for the West Coast. This is a series of letters and sketches, all by Toth, that Hasen photocopied and bound. Some great, unseen art and thoughts on the craft and industry by master cartoonist Toth.

Here are over a dozen pages for your edification:

Below is one of my favorite drawings.

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Brian Fies said...

It's your life, Mike, but I'll pay you $20 NOT to sell it. Fascinating content, inscribed to you by Irwin? That's a treasure, and it doesn't look like it takes up THAT much space.