Tuesday, June 26, 2012


The Aqua Velvet blog has some wonderful imagery (it pretty much has wonderful imagery in every blog post), like the one above by illustrator Richard Borja, from a "salvage store find," a book titled SCIENCE YEAR 1968.

If it's the book above, I do remember having this in the classroom and it getting hauled out, along with other SCIENCE YEAR textbooks from other years to do reports on the radiation belt and oleo-ization process of margarine and who knows what else Roosevelt Elementary School assigned to keep us little students out of trouble.

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Salpino said...

--great book i haven't seen it since '1968' when i was 7. thanks for the link. thanks for sharing the find Mr. Lynch. I still have my 'success international-cartoooning course volume 1-5' i got in 1971. it's filled with great insight form the likes of Ed Klinka,Tom Higgins,PaulSwan..and many others...!!enjoy your blogg.