Friday, June 01, 2012

The Garden As of June 1, 2012

Not much to see here. First glance looks like there's nothing but dirt and straw. But that's deceiving.

Here are the raised beds, at the bottom of the photo.

Going from right bed to left bed, this box has 4 different kinds of squash. Most of the bed lies in wait for sweet potato slips which are (we hope) coming soon in the mail.

Below: Green peppers in the back and yellow squash in foreground. Like I said, not much to look at for now.

The tomato bed, with the tiny tomato plants just beginning. There is a row of wee kale on the right side.Actually, you really can't see it at all now.

The last smaller boxes on the left. Foreground: English cucumbers. In the back: spinach, lettuce. Yes, that is a stray cat wandering by. More about him soon. On the left hand side you can see the onion plant with its great purple blooms. That's part of a small herb garden.

And here are some photos from the flower garden:

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RoB said...

It's always so fascinating to see the photos of your garden and compare it, in memory, to your photos of the same plot of land buried in snow. Such a contrast, and surprising to me, living where the contrast is simply between wet and dry. I appreciate the variety in your blog, Mike!