Thursday, June 14, 2012

Video: HAZEL Opening Titles Seasons One thru Five

From the season one "Smell the Cookies" to the latter "Telephone" and "Umbrella" openings, here are all of the title sequences for the HAZEL TV series (1961-66) gathered by Milkamplifier for your nostalgic pleasure.

HAZEL was based on Ted Key's single panel gag cartoon of the same name from the Saturday Evening Post.

Here's YouTube poster Milkamplifier's description:

All opening title sequences for the 1960s sitcom "Hazel" starring Shirley Booth, Don DeFore, Whitney Blake and Bobby Buntrock.

The comedy was based on the comic strip series by cartoonist Ted Key published in the Saturday Evening Post.

The first four seasons were sponsored by the Ford Motor Company for which reason the company's cars were featured prominently on the show and in the opening titles.

In its first season, "Hazel" (which aired on NBC Thursdays) was a top-5 show in the US.

The final season changed format, moved to CBS and was sponsored by Procter &Gable and the Philip Morris Co.

In this montage you can see all opening title sequences:

1. The original "cookies" opening (used in the first 21 episodes of season 1 bar color episode 6)

2. Color version of the same opening which aired once in the only color episode of season 1 (episode 6)

3. "The Baxters return home" (first promotion of a Ford car in the opening credits, used in episodes 22-35)

4. Second version of the "cookies" opening in color (note a different sequence for Harold and a new theme, used in episode 1 of season 2)

5. "Football" opening (used in most episodes of season 2)

6. "Groceries" opening (used in the last 8 episodes of season 2)

7. "Camera" opening (used for 1963 summer reruns and episode 1 of season 3)
8. "Buckle-up" opening (used in almost all episodes of season 3)

9. "Toll Collector" opening (used in the last episode of season 3, summer 1964 reruns and episode 1 of season 4 - albeit with a new theme)

10. "Keys" opening (used in almost all episodes of season 4, note different theme, the show's third)

11. "Telephone" opening (used in the first half of season 5, new theme - the show's 4th, new cast, new sponsors, new network)
12. "Umbrella" opening (used in the remaining episodes of season 5)

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