Friday, June 15, 2012

Rina Piccolo: The Best and The Worst Things About Being A Syndicated Cartoonist

 Above: that's a sketch of me and Rina Piccolo as drawn by Sam Viviano at an NCS get together in 2007.

My friend Rina Piccolo (TINA'S GROOVE, SIX CHICKS, The New Yorker, etc.) tells it like it is on her blog:
Syndication is a treadmill that you can never get down from, no matter what is happening in your life. If a plane crashes into your house, you better have an alternate internet connection so that you can send in your work for that week. If the Rapture comes, you better make sure you are not one of God’s worthy souls, ’cause then how would you get your strips in on time? Seriously, the work never stops. If you’re lucky, it’ll stop when you die (a lot of cartoonists have not had luck in this sector).


Gerry said...

I guess it's sort of a "be careful what you wish for" scenario, Rina. All I can say is, we miss you around NY! Hope it's all going well for you in your new digs.

Dan Reynolds said...

That's a problem I never had to deal with...though I have so much work it would have never been an issue.

Unknown said...

Man that makes you rethink being a cartoonist! But if you are talented enough to do it. you should definitely do it. Its a gift. A gift I was not blessed with.