Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Cartoonist Says Big Oil Spoof Pulled Under Pressure

A screen grab of the animation by Dan Murphy spoofing Enbridge that has now been taken down by the Vancouver Province.

Big oil gets angry at Dan Murphy, the editorial cartoonist of the Vancouver Province.

The paper's publisher,  Postmedia, pulls Mr. Murphy's animated editorial short. Enbridge, the big oil company, is an advertiser in the paper.

The CBC has video and the story here.

Murphy’s animation mocks Enbridge, splashing oily goo on the screen while questioning the oil giant's environmental record.
Murphy told CBC News that he was told Enbridge was outraged that its ad was mocked and put heavy pressure on Postmedia News.
 The parody was taken down and Murphy says he was given a blunt message by Vancouver Province editor Wayne Moriarity.

"'If it doesn't come down, Enbridge says they're pulling a million dollars worth of advertising from Postmedia, and if it doesn't come down, I, Wayne Moriarty, I'm going to lose my job,’” Murphy said Moriarity told him.

Today's lesson: He who takes the king's money is the king's man.

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