Friday, May 30, 2014

ABC 1973 Saturday Morning Fall Preview

Michael Constantine (the principal from the ROOM 222 TV show) reassures parents that cartoons will have good content in this short preview of ABC's Saturday morning cartoon line-up.

Odd thing is that he is never introduced by an announcer or chroma-keyed title. He does not introduce himself. Maybe we just all "know" who he is. ROOM 222 had been on for three years at this point.

Yogi Bear (Mr. Constantine calls him "Yogi THE Bear" for some reason) will be fighting super villains now, like Mr. Smog and Mr. Bigot, "so children can learn something to help them come away with a more positive attitude." So… that should make you feel better about cartoons.

And ABC has won some Peabody Awards, okay? Besides, cartoons are a constant. Kids love 'em. So, stop worrying about cartoons and let your kids watch them!

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