Thursday, May 29, 2014

Reginald Van Gleason the 3rd the Comic Book

The Saved from the Paper Drive blog reminds us that there was more to Jackie Gleason than Ralph Kramden. Heck, there was The Poor Soul, Joe the Bartender, The Loudmouth, Buford T. Justice, Gigot, and Reginald Van Gleason III. Gleason was a force in 1950s and 60s TV, and to find there was a comic book is not unusual -- but to see this story, based on a lesser-known character from his long-running variety series was news to me.

The blog shows us a complete story of the snobbish buffoon Reginald Van Gleason III from DC Comics' JACKIE GLEASON AND THE HONEYMOONERS #4, Dec '56-Jan '57. No credits given, but the Comic Book Database credits Whitney Ellsworth as editor, with Mike Roy pencilling.

Now … is there a Clem Kadiddlehopper comic out there I wonder?

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