Thursday, May 22, 2014

All the Cartoons from Look Magazine June 24, 1969

The Smothers Brothers, Joe Frazier, the new Prince of Wales, Gene Shalit reviewing "Midnight Cowboy," Beverly Sassoon's workout regimen; it's all here in this issue of LOOK Magazine from June 24, 1969. It's copyright 1969 Cowles Magazines and Broadcasting, Inc.

Brian Savage with a take on what we now call "affluenza:"

Boris Drucker draws one terrifically messy room:

Vahan Shirvanian with one of his wordless multi-panel cartoons.

Bud Handelsman with a cartoon that, sadly, may still be apt today, huh?

A rather racy comment on women's fashion from Mr. Shirvanian:

Sud Harris with a glorious forge that for some reason the LOOK Mag's editors decided to color pink for goodness sake!

The spot-in Henry Martin:

Jack Tippit:

What movie do you want to see this weekend? How about THE MALTESE BIPPY?

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