Friday, May 02, 2014

STARSHIP EXETER: "The Tressaurian Intersection"

STARSHIP EXETER was the first STAR TREK Internet fan film I saw. There are a number of them out there now, but EXETER was one of the first. They had one episode under their belts ("The Savage Empire"), but who knew it would take nearly a decade for the second one?

Like a lot of these fan-based TREK productions, money and time are limited. As of yesterday, only three-fourths of its episode "The Tressaurian Intersection" was finished. Brothers Jimm and Joshua Johnson, who produced this, completed each act and put it on the web as it was done. The teaser was completed in 2005.

It took four years for acts I, II and III to make it. And now, five years later, the Johnson brothers have the final act for everyone to see. The completed, entire show, modeled on the 1960s STAR TREK, is below. (Fans who have seen the beginning of the show can skip and go directly to the new fourth act here.)

The idea here is that the Starship Exeter exists in the same universe as the 1960s STAR TREK. The Exeter has a different crew and captain, of course, including an Andorian on the bridge. The Johnson brothers play the plum roles of Captain Garrovick and Lt. B'fuselek, the Andorian communications officer.

EXETER predates other Internet-fan shows like STAR TREK PHASE II and STAR TREK CONTINUES. All of these showcase live actors on real sets. And, while you can criticize the acting, the tone and the look of the show is precisely copied. And, in this case, the writing is darn good. Take a look at the teaser and you'll see. This is my favorite of all the Web series.

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