Saturday, May 10, 2014

Friday, May 16: See You at Lexicon!

(Art by Anna Rodman.)

Dateline: Boston!

Well … Lexington, MA, anyways! 

It's Lexicon -- wherein kids chat with cartoonists about cartooning (natch!).

Friday, May 16, 2014 from 6pm-9pm -- I'll be at the Lexington High School with a bunch of fine cartoonists talking cartooning to students. Come on over and say hi.

And immense thanks to Cara Bean for putting this event together!

"Save the date for this kid friendly comics event. Professional artists and aspiring young artists come together at Lexington High School to discuss creativity, fandom, image making, and storytelling."

EDIT: Cara Bean says: "The poster was created by Illustration Club President, Anna Rodman. She is amazing and one of the many talented young artists that are participating."

Here's the map of where we will all be in the room (art is by Cara Bean):

1.) Chloe A. and Holly C.
2.) Origami Club (Chris P.)
3.) Pottery Club (Elena and Hargun)
4.) Dani and Sai B-H.
5.) Olivia P. and Anna R.
6.) GUEST ARTIST: Jesse Lonergan
7.) Miriam Etingof and Sneha K.
8.) GUEST ARTIST: Mark Masztal
9.) Keith B.
10.) GUEST ARTIST: Dan Mazur
11.) Serena L. and Zoé M.
12.) GUEST ARTIST: Neil Brideau
13.) David K. and Nina R.
14.) GUEST ARTIST: Kenan Rubenstein
15.) Nila and Jaime
16.) Jessica F., Jane K., Maya R.
17.) GUEST ARTIST: Ben Hur (LHS)
18.) Bobby B.
19.) GUEST ARTIST: Ansis Purins
20.) GUEST ARTIST: Matt Smith
21.) Bonnie Y. and Jay L.
22.) GUEST ARTIST: Holly Foltz
23 ) Ethan L.
24.)Ethan L’s Comics Library
25.) GUEST ARTIST: Mike Lynch
26.) Helena S. and Eva K.


john k said...


No credit foe the wonderful illustration?


Mike Lynch said...

John K, you are right. I looked for an art credit and didn't find one originally. But your comment is spot on and I looked harder and I found the name of the woman who drew that great art -- and I have now edited the blog to credit her.