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From the Dick Buchanan Files: Gag Cartoons in Glorious Color: 1948 - 1964

Nothing like a wonderful color gag cartoon. Since color was a more expensive process back in the golden age of gag cartoons, they are NOT the norm. Fortunately, Dick Buchanan has stealthily navigated his Cartoon Clip File for these rare gems. Thanks, and take it away, Dick!


(1948 – 1964)

Everyone loves color. Some folks enjoy the colorful flowers in a garden while others prefer gawking at fine art at a museum. Naturally, when the The Cartoon Clip File seeks to enjoy color, it is in the form of a gag cartoon. So, we trotted around the corner to visit the Old Joke Cemetery and headed straight for the section reserved for mid-20th century gag cartoons published in color. Here are a few color gag cartoons which have bloomed once more, after lying dormant for over half a century. Take a Look . . .

1. HENRY SYVERSON. Best known his for his work for The Saturday Evening Post, Syverson’s cartoons appeared in Yank during WWII he was was a freelancer. Look Magazine June 30, 1964.




2. GREGORY d’ALESSIO. Cartoonist and illustrator d’Allesio was an instructor at The Art Students League where he met his wife, cartoonist Hilda Terry. Collier’s October 13, 1951.

3. JAN & STAN BERENSTAIN. The Saturday Evening Post May 28, 1949.

4. JOSEPH FARRIS. In 2012, National Geographic published Farris’ “A Soldier’s Sketchbook,” a memoir of his time in WWII. Collier’s June 9, 1953.

5. TED KEY. Key was a writer as well as a cartoonist. He wrote plays for radio and contributed to Jay Ward’s the Rocky & Bullwinkle TV series. The Saturday Evening Post July 15, 1950.


6. MARTHA BLANCHARD. The Saturday Evening Post October 28, 1950.


7. GLENN BERNHARDT. Bernhardt helped start the Northern California Cartoon & Humor Association in 1954 and served as president for 35 years. Collier’s August 7, 1953.


8. JEFERSON MACHAMER. Machamer was known for his drawings of glamorous women. Collier’s September 2, 1950.


9. KATE OSANN. Collier’s February 25, 1951.


10. RAY HELLE. American Magazine May, 1951.

11. BILL KING. Bill King was an illustrator, graphic designer and toy designer, specializing in children's premiums Collier’s February 25, 1951.

12. FRANK RIDGEWAY. The Saturday Evening Post October 30, 1954.

13. JOHN RUGE. Ruge has been credited as the author of the caption for Peter Arno’ s classic, ”Well, back to the old drawing board.” Collier’s January 3, 1953.

14. BEN THOMPSON. Thompson was a comic book artist as well as a gag cartoonist. He worked for Timely Comics among others. The Saturday Evening Post February 26, 1955.

15. ELDON DEDINI. Dedini was on the Esquire staff before embarking on his highly successful freelance gag cartooning career. Esquire May, 1948.

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