Thursday, June 03, 2021

From the Dick Buchanan Files: Ned Hilton Gag Cartoons 1927 - 1964

Today, we take a deep dive into the veteran magazine cartoonist Ned Hilton's work (1904 - 1967). He was a master of the clean line drawing -- like Gluyas Williams and Gardner Rea

This is all thanks to Dick Buchanan, who has put together some great Hilton cartoons and provides some fascinating background about the man. 

My thanks as ever -- and take it away, Dick.


Cartoons 1927 – 1964

Edward Aitkin Hilton was a cartoonist, illustrator and writer who signed his work Ned Hilton. His humorous drawings appeared frequently in all of 20th century America’s leading magazines. He was published in The New Yorker, Life, Judge, Esquire, Collier’s, The Saturday Evening Post and Look.

Hilton was born in Alhambra, California in 1904. He began his cartooning career at the age of 14 when his work appeared in The San Francisco Chronicle. In 1922, two of his cartoons appeared in Judge magazine’s “Beginner’s Luck” page and by the end of the decade he was a cover artist for both Judge and Life.

In 1933 Hilton moved to New York City. He continued to contribute drawings and covers to Life until its demise in 1936. His first New Yorker cartoon appeared in 1934 where he was a contributor until 1957. For years Hilton lived and worked in the St. James Hotel on West 45th Street, just a few blocks from the New Yorker offices.

We have clipped many Ned Hilton cartoons over the years. Here are a few . . .

1. NED HILTON. Life cover January, 1935.




2. NED HILTON. Life May, 1927.

3. NED HILTON. Life January, 1935.

4. NED HILTON. Life May, 1936.

5. NED HILTON. Collier’s February 20, 1937. 

6. NED HILTON. The Saturday Evening Post March 11, 1938.

7. NED HILTON. Collier’s June 10, 1939.

8. NED HILTON. Collier’s July 19, 1941.

9. NED HILTON. Collier’s July 31, 1943.

10. NED HILTON. The Saturday Evening Post July 17, 1948.

11. NED HILTON. This Week Magazine August 14, 1949.

12. NED HILTON. Esquire March, 1950.

13. NED HILTON. The Saturday Evening Post February 24, 1951. 

14. NED HILTON. True Magazine July, 1952.

15. NED HILTON. Colliers May 30, 1953.

16. NED HILTON. The Saturday Evening Post October 30, 1954.

17. NED HILTON. Look Magazine March 17, 1959.

18. NED HILTON. 1000 Jokes Magazine March – May, 1959.

19. NED HILTON. Look Magazine August 18, 1959.

20. NED HILTON. Look Magazine January, 29, 1963.

21. NED HILTON. For Laughing Out Loud January – March, 1964


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