Tuesday, June 01, 2021

Washington Post: "Three ‘lost’ Charles Schulz strips have been rediscovered. Do they show the adult Lucy Van Pelt?"

Michael Cavna, writing for the Washington Post, shows us Charles Schulz' long-missing "Hagemeyer" comic strips. These seven strips

"... were created several years after the 1950 debut of “Peanuts”; the museum believes Schulz pitched 'Hagemeyer' as a potential feature to his distributor, United Feature Syndicate, which apparently passed on launching it."


Unlike "Peanuts," this comic strip proposal focused on the one type of person who never appeared with Charlie Brown: adults

"The characters include a meek office worker named Elmer Hagemeyer and a shouting boss, named Miss Hamhock, who throws haymakers with the familiar wham of Lucy Van Pelt in 'Peanuts.'"

Read Michael Cavna's report here


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sarusa said...

Wow, as someone who has the 26 volume hardcover Peanuts run from Fantagraphics, this is really jarring, almost a punch in the gut.

I'm glad you posted this, and glad I looked at it, but I can really see why they passed on it.