Thursday, June 17, 2021

National Safety Council and Boston and Maine Railroad Cartoons by Sid Hix and Walt Ditzen

I was at the Arundel Flea Market in Maine on Saturday and picked up some old advertising cartoons and some hostas plants. Here are some of the cartoons. No specific dates on these, but they seem to be from one of the Boston papers in the 1950s. 

Here's a reprint of an Esquire Magazine cartoon:


The National Safety Council commissioned cartoonist Sid Hix for its "All Skidding Aside" humorous newspaper panel series. Mr. Hix is best known for his series of cartoons for Broadcasting Magazine, as well as his commercial work for Philco, and a good number of "safe driving" ads, including a comic book. No other biographical information is available.

"Fender Benders" was a similar series, with art by Walt Ditzen. Best known for his syndicated "Fan Fare" newspaper comic strip (1947 - 1973), he also created posters illustrations for the National Bowling Council and Brunswick Personal Bowling Score Cards.

The Boston and Maine Railroad had a series of cartoon adverts, all unsigned, encouraging train travel over car commute.


Remember to pay your carrier!


Another couple of series from the Boston and Maine Railroad, "Strange Birds" and "Wise Birds." These have a small "WD" initial on them, so I am guessing it's Walt Ditzen who drew them.

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