Thursday, June 10, 2021

Podcast: New Yorker Cartoonist Will McPhail Talks About His New Graphic Novel "In"

From the Virtual Memories Show:

"Cartoonist and illustrator Will McPhail joins the show to celebrate his debut graphic novel, IN. We talk about weaponized self-awareness, the genesis of his poignant and hilarious tale of anhedonia, the value of real conversation, and how he stretched from single-panel cartoons to a long-form book. We also get into how finishing the book during the pandemic informed its earlier parts, what we’ll talk about when we can talk in person again, and how IN took him away from submitting gags to The New Yorker at an opportune moment. Plus we get into the problem with 'mindfulness' apps and the real definition of meditation (which we happen to find in the same place), why I should pay more attention to Bill Watterson’s trees, and otters, stoats, and Will’s other favorite animals to draw."

Listen at the site or via YouTube: 

 (Hat tip to Paul Gravett!)

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