Friday, June 04, 2021

New England College Institute of Art and Design: Post-Pandemic Themed New Yorker Cover Assignment

This summer, I'm teaching an undergrad History of Illustration course at the New England College Institute of Art and Design. In addition to learning about history, the students are required to create their own illustrations. 

One assignment is to create their own New Yorker cover depicting the theme of life in a post-pandemic world. (This was inspired by Tomer Hanuka's SVA assignment.)

I asked them if I could share their work on social media. I think you will like it. So, here are the results from the History of Illustration students: 

Ian Ruoff:


Jacob Humphrey:

Kaitlyn Peters:


Kit Cantalupo:

Louis Murphy:

Luther Claytor:

Melissa DeBoe:

Quiara Santiago:

SJ Lindsay:

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