Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Clearing Snow


My thanks to my great neighbor who showed up after dark with his backhoe and removed the bulk of the snow on our long driveway. 

There's still a lot to clear. Over two feet of snow on top of the previous snow here. And it's clean up day today. Gotta get out there fast since it's going up to 38 degrees today. I've already been out there for about an hour. Hard cleaning. Then I discovered two cotter pins were missing from my snowblower. Back inside to warm up and grab some replacement cotter pins. Hope I get this done. I'm already exhausted.


EDIT: Slowly clearing out. Near 2 feet of snow. And the ground isn’t frozen. After replacing a couple of cotter pins in my snowblower, I worked for about an hour before it got clogged with muddy ice

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