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From the Dick Buchanan Files: They Came From Outer Space 1950 - 1968

Here are some otherworldly cartoons from the Golden Age of magazine cartooning courtesy of the one and only Dick Buchanan. Or maybe it's one of those Invasion of the Body Snatchers clones. Hmm. Anyway, if it is, this clone is just as terrific about sharing some of his gag cartoons from his tremendous Cartoon Clip File. Thank you, Dick/Clone! 


(1950 – 1968)

Mid 20th century cartoonists were ready, quick and able to contribute their two cents worth to the furor over Unidentified Flying Objects which occurred after a flying saucer crashed in Roswell, New Mexico in the summer of 1947. Of course, right away we knew cartoonists would be on the side of the aliens.
Culled from the Cartoon Clip File, here are just a few examples of how some of the day’s best gag cartoonists, from here and abroad, covered the subject. Take a look . . .

1. ERIC ERICSON. American Magazine December, 1955.


2. GAHAN WILSON. For Laughing Out Loud November, 1964.


3. NED HILTON. Collier’s February 5, 1954.

4. BILL HEWISON. Punch January 7, 1953.

5. GLENN ZULAUF. Look Magazine January 31, 1961.


6. BILL HOEST. The Saturday Evening Post August 28, 1965.


7. JOHN NORMENT. Collier’s October 30, 1953.


8. JOHN GLASHAN. Punch November 25, 1953.


9. BRUCE PATTERSON Pictorial Review June 21, 1953.


10. JAN van WESSUM. Punch Almanack November 8, 1968.


11. ALEX GRAHAM. Punch Almanack November 2, 1963.


 "Lunnon folk, I expect."


12. GAHAN WILSON. For Laughing Out Loud July, 1964.


"Then it's all settled -- the entire planet for

twenty-four dollars worth of trinkets." 



13. VAHAN SHIRVANIAN. The Saturday Evening Post. August 2, 1964.

14. ALEX GRAHAM. Punch December 30, 1952.


15. NATE COLLIER. Boys’ Life September, 1950.

16. GEORGE GATELY. American Legion Magazine July, 1960.

17. GEORGE SPROD. Punch Almanack November 3, 1952.

 "Ah well, thank goodness we still have our sense of humour."

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