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From the Dick Buchanan Files: Old Joke Cemetery: Gag Cartoons from the Crypt 1947 - 1967

Old jokes, bad old puns - they all tend to survive because people who put these jokes out there like to see others groan. Below are some old groaners that'll make you shake your head and wonder why these are still a "thing." But moldy oldy humor lives and occasionally sees the light of day. Thanks to Dick Buchanan, this is one of those days. Read and groan. I know you love it! Actually, a couple of these made me laugh, like Frank Baginski's cartoon and George Gateley's and Bob Schroeter's and ....  Well. OK. Thanks, and take it away, Dick!


(1947 – 1967)

Spring is here. As is our custom, the staff of the Cartoon Clip has been busy Spring Cleaning. In our case that means moving everything from the den to the library and vice versa. It’s the vice versa that thwarted us this year. That, plus the fact we have no den. So, we moved everything into the dining room. Along the way we came across some sure-fire gag cartoons which we are fast tracking for internment in the Old Joke Cemetery. Take a look . . .

1. IRWIN CAPLAN. The Saturday Evening Post May 8, 1948.

2. VIRGIL PARTCH. Look Magazine May 14, 1961.


3. JOHN GALLAGHER. The Saturday Evening Post September 12, 1953.


4. GLENN BERNHARDT. Look Magazine c.1960


5. HANK KETCHAM. This Week Magazine May 15, 1949.


6. JOHN ALBANO. The Saturday Evening Post April 27, 1947.


7. ROBERT WEBER. Look Magazine April 7, 1964.


8. TOM HUDSON. 1000 Jokes Magazine Spring, 1949.


9. FRANK BAGINSKI. 1000 Jokes Magazine June -August, 1967.


10. CHON DAY. True Magazine July 1950.


11. LAFE LOCKE. The Saturday Evening Post September 13, 1952.


12. STANLEY STAMATY. Cartoon Humor November, 1949.


"Thanks a lot for passing on your cute saying to me. It went over big with my parents."



13. BILL KING. The Saturday Evening Post March 13, 1954.


14. GEORGE GATELY. 1000 Jokes Magazine December, 1959 – February, 1960.


15. LES COLIN. American Magazine October, 1949.


16. VIRGIL PARTCH. Collier’s February 19, 1954.


17. BOB SCHROETER. American Magazine July, 1952.


18. BRANDT PARKER. The Saturday Evening Post July 6, 1957.


19. WILLIAM CRAWFORD. Collier’s April 20, 1946.


20. ROWLAND WILSON. The Saturday Evening Post April 17, 1954.


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Orang Basikal said...

Yesterday I was at an event at which chicken croquettes were served, and of course I thought of the cartoon.