Thursday, March 23, 2023

Joe Giella 1928 - 2023



Joe Giella inks over Carmine Infantino pencils.


Joe Giella, long-time silver age comic book artist, known for Batman, as well as a 25 year stint on Mary Worth, passed away on Tuesday. He was 94. 

A gracious and kind gentleman, I was fortunate to know him and have lunch with him for years as fellow Berndt Toast Gang members. 

From the Giella family:

The Giella family wishes for all to celebrate the incredible life of Joe Giella. 
Joe passed peacefully on March 21st at the age of 94. 
Joe was such a special person. His presence alone would put you at ease. Even on the most difficult days, just being with him would make everything OK again. 
He was so honest and sincere, so kind and gentle and so loving and proud. 
He was so proud of his service for his country in the US Navy.
He was so proud of his long prolific career in comic books and comic strips.
And he was most proud of his family. To him, family was everything. Nothing made him happier than sitting around the dinner table with family and friends. Sundays and Holidays became sacred events full of laughter and great food. 
Joe’s legacy in comic books and comic strips will live on. Our family wishes to thank all of his friends and fans for their support. He truly was humbled by all the attention and love he received. Thank you all and when you think of Joe please try to smile. The world needs more superheroes like Joe. 
Joe Giella 
June 27, 1928 – March 21, 2023
Joe Giella passed away, March 21st, at the age of 94. I met Joe in 2016, when he handed me the reins of Mary Worth, a comic strip he had drawn for 25 years. His lovely wife shook my hand told me a very heartfelt "Thank you!" At the age of 87, Joe was finally retiring. But let me tell you, he was a hard act to follow. Joe was a consummate professional and an excellent draftsman. He did exciting, dynamic superheroes as well as the endless repetition of a syndicated comic strip and always maintained a high standard of quality. Joe told me he wanted to paint. I hope he did. I know they must be lovely paintings. 
I'm still taking this all in. Joe was unchanging. Always patient and kind. It was always a pleasure to see him. I was really thinking that he would keep on and on. This is so sad. 
From Berndt Toast Gang Chair Adrian Sinnott:
Incredibly sad news today, our beloved, Joe Giella, passed away last night. As you all know, Joe was a giant in the cartooning world and loved by all who knew him. His incredible work spanned decades and admired by all who saw it. Especially by his thousands upon thousands of fans. When Joe retired, he found himself busier than ever creating pieces for those fans. 

Those of us in the Berndt Toast Gang and the National Cartoonists Society had the extraordinary gift of knowing Joe as a friend and colleague.
A wake will be held on Friday.

Don Orehek, Joe and me at Bunny Hoest's home in 2010.



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