Friday, March 31, 2023

From the Dick Buchanan Files: The Old Joke Cemetery Part 2

As promised, here are a bunch of old jokes. This is part two. Part one is here.

Thank you, old joke-meister Dick Buchanan, for sharing these great oldy moldy gag cartoons! 


1941 - 1967

This year we celebrate the 99th anniversary of the Old Joke Cemetery, created by humorist Fred Allen and maintained today by caretaker Dick Buchanan. As one might imagine, the Old Joke Cemetery is the repository of many really old jokes. It is our duty to remind once an old joke is relegated to the Old Joke Cemetery is no guarantee that it won’t pop up again sometime in the future.

Therefore, pursuant to the fine print of the Old Joke Recovery Act of 1953, it is incumbent on the caretaker of the Old Joke Cemetery to publish some of the recent jokes formally interred in the cemetery. 

And, don’t forget, if per chance there’s a gag included in this selection that you haven’t encountered before then guess what? It’s not an old gag after all. It’s a new gag. That’s all due to the miracle of Humor. So, take a look . . . and bid fond adieu to some old gags . . . .

1. MARTHA BLANCHARD. The Saturday Evening Post July 27, 1957.


2. W. F. BROWN. The Saturday Evening Post January 12, 1957.


3. ORLANDO BUSINO. True Magazine April, 1966.


4. DICK CAVALLI. The Saturday Evening Post February 24, 1951.


5. DOUGLAS BORGSTEDT. Collier’s April 20, 1940.


6. LES COLIN. True Magazine July, 1950.

7. GEORGE WOLFE. Collier’s October 25, 1941.


8. DICK ERICSON. American Legion Magazine February, 1959.

9. ROY RAYMONE. Punch July 2, 1958.

10. FRED LEVINSON. The Saturday Evening Post June 8, 1957.

 11. NORMAN HOIFJELD. The Saturday Evening Post October 3, 1953.

12. LEO GAREL. Collier’s April 18, 1953.


13. REG HIDER. The Saturday Evening Post December 5, 1954.

14. DON TOBIN. The Saturday Evening Post December 11, 1954.


15. JOHN BEST. The American Legion Magazine September, 1961.

16. DAVE HIRSCH. Collier’s March 4, 1955.

17. GEORGE SMITH. The Saturday Evening Post May 28, 1949.

18. HERB WILLIAMS. True Magazine August, 1963.

19. CHON DAY. American Legion Magazine November, 1959.

20. BERNIE WISEMAN. For Laughing Out Loud #4, 1957.


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