Tuesday, March 07, 2023

From the Dick Buchanan Files: Gag Cartoons 1944 - 1964

Dick Buchanan has unearthed many a gag cartoon in his Cartoon Clip File located somewhere in Greenwich Village. What did he find this day? Here's Dick with the skinny. Thanks and take it away, Dick!


(1944 – 1964)

The Cartoon Clip File recently took a deep dive into a boxful of single panel gag cartoons in search of some desert island cartoons. Actually, instead of a deep dive, we just turned the box upside down and started from there. We found plenty of desert island cartoons alright, but we also found some cartoons we’d long forgotten. Take a look . . .

HANK KETCHAM. Collier’s March 18, 1950.

MORT WALKER. Argosy August 1950.

VIRGIL PARTCH. Collier's August 5, 1955

AL ROSS. 1000 Jokes April-June 1963.


FRANK O'NEAL. Saturday Evening Post October 1963.


LEO GAREL. Liberty February 19 1944.


MARK STAMATY. Collier's April 20 1946.


GALLAGHER. True Magazine April 1962


GARDNER REA. SEP March 13 1954.




BRAD ANDERSON.  The Saturday Evening Post  February 25, 1961.

MORT TEMES. The Saturday Evening Post November 7, 1953.

 KLEINWAKS. True November 1948.


 GENE CARR. Liberty January 1 1944.


CLYDE LAMB. Boys' Life February 1951.

 THE BERENSTAINS. Collier's April 15 1950.


DICK CAVALLI. The Saturday Evening Post November 14, 1953.


 MARQUEZ. American Legion April 1953.





TON SMITS. Look April 21, 1964


DAVE GERARD. Collier’s March 18, 1950. 

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