Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Business Cartoons by Mike Lynch

Here are a half dozen business cartoons. Business cartoons are my bread and butter. Most of my markets are business markets. I get inspirations from everywhere: buzz words, movies, and odd corporate cultural habits.

"Mr. Mover meet Ms. Shaker"

I'm always listening for buzzwords: paradigm, mover & shaker, consumer confidence, etc. The above cartoon was used by the job search site The Ladders.

"Go ahead and laugh, but this baby hasn't crashed since 1961."

Above: drawing goofy old computers is always fun. The inspiration for this came from the 1950s movie DESK SET, where a goofy big computer is installed. I wondered what it would look like if installed in someone's modern day cubicle. The gag line came to me after I drew it. Punch Magazine, before its demise, published the cartoon.

"I believe in a totally nurturing environment!"

Above: DESK SET inspired cartoon #2. In the movie, Katharine Hepburn has a large rhododendron in her office. She doesn't say the line above, but when I thought of the business phrase "nurturing environment," it fit the idea. The Chronicle of Higher Education snapped this one up.

"Note to managers: no more face-painting Fridays."

Harvard Business Review published the above business culture cartoon. I also drew a "Bring a Monkey to Work Day" cartoon, but they passed on it.

"Uh oh .... Something tells me that my blog has been discovered."

Yeah, you gotta be careful when writing a blog. Harvard also ran the above cartoon, with a CEO in some serious trouble.

Above: If only.

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Mark Anderson said...

The plant and the tubes on that computer are just awesome! And I love the shading on the guy's suit in the heaven one!