Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Relationship Cartoons by Mike Lynch

Here are a few of my cartoons about relationships from the Wall Street Journal (yes, the WSJ!), The Funny Times and others. You can see a lot more of my cartoons at my site HeyKidsComics.com.

And don't forget that I'll be interviewed in a live Web podcast on Friday at 2pm EST by Mr. Media.

Above: cunning and deception is the way to vet your man in the 21st century. That's a hanging plant on the right. Looking at it now, it just looks weird, half-drawn and hanging there like that.

Above: an old wheeze is ever there was one. If I was to draw a second panel, it would be the woman spouting off a thousand word screed (with mucho potty language) about all the things she's done for him over the past year.

Above: in a Mike Lynch Cartoon, giving a guy a chin pube means he's a poser.

Above: I think I actually said this one time while "jogging" (more like a fast, flailing walk) down Dean Street in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn.

Above: Oh, yeah. I don't know about you, but this is sooooo true for me. Long relationships hold all the standard plot elements of an episode of the 1960s PATTY DUKE SHOW; the pair start to sound alike, look alike, etc.

Above: OK, I don't know if this "reads," but there was a building with these enormous concrete planters by the entrance in Brooklyn (I think it may be Trade Loeffler's) and for some odd reason that's what I chose to draw in this cartoon. I was just into drawing wacky planters!

Above is our Brooklyn bedroom, with the dresser on one side and the closet, with its sliding doors, on the other. I'm not a rock music fan, so this is not a typical conversation. But, substitute "old comic books," and we're on the right track.

Above: Another clueless guy who isn't going to get another date with a nice woman. This is a good use of wash.

Above: this was an entry for a "call center contest." A call center is one of those places that handles 1-800 phone calls. Whenever you make those calls, you get that recording telling you that this may be recorded for quality assurance. The last time I called a 1-800 number, it was to AT&T Customer Service. I was angry and, in turn, I made them angry (a long story I'll save for those long winter evenings, my friend) and Melissa (yes, I remember her name), the Customer Service Rep, hung up on me with a resounding yelp and a click!

I'm now with Vonage.

Above: a snarky couple with a sexist and funny comment. Dig their dinky eyeglasses. If you think that the eyeglasses are silly, then you are not cool.

Above: And why do they all have that flippy hair?

Above: someone that I always thought was pretty sharp looked and looked at the cartoon before asking, And what were those three little words?

This one has the dubious distinction of being held by Playboy as well as by the supermarket tabloid First for Women. Neither one of them decided to buy it.

Above: I agree. Staying out late and partying is just way to exhausting. Let's settle down and stay home and watch old movies and eat fatty snacks.

Above: I like these two. They seem like they could be a fun couple. The exterior is based on my next door neighbor's stoop in Brooklyn.

Above: Here she is cooking for both of them, and he's fooling around selfishly with a gadget.


Mark Anderson said...

First that hanging plant, and then that giant planter. What is it with you and plants?

Also, "chin pube" is the funniest thing I've read so far today.

Unknown said...

these are pretty adorable.