Sunday, September 28, 2008

Jim Borgman Says Goodbye

Jim Borgman leaves his daily editorial cartoonist position with the Cincinnatti Enquirer.

"I’ve said my piece, as Grandma Borgman would have said.

"One week after graduating from Kenyon College 32 years ago I started drawing editorial cartoons for the Cincinnati Enquirer, awestruck to be working for the only newspaper that had ever been spread across my Price Hill family’s kitchen table. I’ve barely looked up since. Some employee! Not a single promotion in three decades. My buddy says I’m “still stuck in the same dead-end job” I got right out of college.

"But what a job .... "

More at Jim Borgman's blog.

Hat tip to my friend Sean Kelly.


Mark Anderson said...

Goodness, I will miss him.

Brian Fies said...

Best part of that farewell cartoon are the little headlines to the right.

I understand Mr. Borgman's leaving was his idea, not the paper's, so all you can really say is that he had a good run and wish him the best of luck with his future plans. I'll still see him in "Zits."

I met him briefly at a talk and book-signing. Funny man, great speaker, and a class act who stayed much longer than scheduled to make sure everyone got taken care of. I was impressed by two things: what a solid team he and his wife obviously made, and how hard he worked. I found the latter particularly inspiring--made me want to go home and draw.

drivenwide said...

I’m glad it worked out well for you. I still wonder if they had with you. You can't please everyone. If you have a story that's easy to follow people will say its boring and predictable, but I guess we’ll never leave you know.

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Daryll Collins said...

Living in the Cincinnati area, I've had the pleasure of following his career for many years. Incredible artist with that rare combination of talent to make you think, laugh and also with certain subject matter, touch your heart.