Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Stan and Pauline Goldberg Interview

Stan Goldberg, who has been drawing Archie since 1968, chats with Southampton Press writer Aimee Fitzpatrick Martin about his life and career. His wonderful wife Pauline talks about their Southampton cottage, which is the summer home of the Goldbergs.
“'My studio in Queens is much bigger, but I’m perfectly content with this small desk,' he said of the simple wooden work space, outfitted with only a desk lamp, ruler and pencil sketches for a 'Battle of the Bands Competition' for an upcoming Archie comic. 'You’ll notice there’s no computer. This new electric pencil sharpener is about as technical as I get.'”
There is more here than usual for a newspaper article. There is some background about Stan that I only learned after knowing him for the past seven years. Stan was, for instance, the fellow who decided on the costume colors for all of the seminal Marvel Comics characters. As he has told me, it's primary colors (red, blue) for the heroes and tertiary colors (purple, brown) for the villains.

The article also talks candidly about the Goldberg family, their two sons and grandkids, as well as their daughter, who "at the age of 19 was raped and murdered in 1984 ...."
"Ms. Goldberg explained. 'After a tragedy like that happens, your life changes forever, but you find a way to go on.'

"Fortunately, the couple has found some solace through their involvement in a national organization, Parents of Murdered Children, and through their close connection with each other and their varied travels."
In addition to the article are 2 dozen photos of their place taken by Dana Shaw.

A big tip of the hat to Stan and Pauline Goldberg for letting me know about this profile.


Anonymous said...
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Mike Lynch said...

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Anonymous said...

they committed a cardinal sin in the article... spelling sparky's last name with a T!

(i do love it though when they send a photographer on interviews)

Mike Lynch said...

Hi sj. Thanks for your comment. Yes, "cardinal sin" is a great description!

I looked at the article again this morning. I naively thought that someone at that paper would have corrected the spelling of Mr. Schulz' last name by now. But nooooo.

Rod McKie said...

I love this, thank you Mike. My daughter wants a little holiday place exactly like it, complete with those wall ornaments. What a great place to think up ideas.

Stan is brilliant.