Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"The IT Crowd" Begins Tonight

This ancillary show to THE OFFICE features a couple of I.T. guys and their boss, working in the basement of a corporation. It's been under development here, but no US version of "IT" is on as yet. Worth a peek, especially if you're a Britcom fan.

The British series is on IFC beginning tonight.

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Rod McKie said...

Mike I hate this series more than words can say.

If you watch it turn the volume down because they shout EVERY SINGLE LINE.

The are "IT Nerds", so in the basement where they work they are surrounded by...Dan Clowes graphic novels, Kaz Underworld models, Jim Woodring posters and even a model Frank in a plane. They are in fact surrounded by all the sort of underground paraphenalia that nerds would just not collect.

The Big Bang is soooo much better. Better props, better nerds, and the sort of comic book referneces nerds would really make.

Mike Lynch said...

I'll keep a look out for THE BIG BANG!