Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Mike Lynch Cartoon in WOMEN'S WORLD Part One

I have a cartoon in this week's WOMEN'S WORLD magazine. I mailed WW 15 cartoons, and they bought one.

I thought I would share with you five cartoons from that submission package (fifteen is too many to wade through). So, take a look at the five below and see if you can guess which one was bought.

Of course, you can cheat by going to the grocery store check out to see which one made it, but that would be cheating and cheaters never prosper.

"I didn't see a child safety seat, so I used bungee cords!"

Above: an overly safe parent cartoon.

"I swear he's just dating me for my son's video games."

This one is just silly and the "guy as a big kid" kinda character is always welcome.

"Sorry, no ice cream. Only those energy efficient light bulbs"

I like the above cartoon, but I have a feeling they have seen a lot of the energy efficient bulb gags and are bored to death with them.

"Well, the kiss didn't work. How about a cuddle?"

Unwanted interspecies sexual overtures! Too risky? Just edgy enough?

"No, I am not available as a downloadable podcast."

Tomorrow: the winner is revealed.


Gabriel said...

The second one, I think. The last one I like the best, though.

Mark Anderson said...

#2 is my bet as well.

Sandra said...

My favourite one is the 2nd one...that drawing is SO my husband and son...but I'm gonna guess the downloadable podcast.

Rod McKie said...

I'd say the podcast. Interestingly enough, a school in Scotland's far off parts has just started making homework-podcasts. It was on last night's news, so it must be true.

Alan Smithee said...

I love the energy efficient lightbulb one, but they probably bought the podcast, which I also like.

Cartoonist Who Writes said...

I'll go with number five. though number two is excellent.

info said...

Definitely the fifth.

Anonymous said...

Mike, thanks for drawing the cartoon about the podcast. I work in professional development with teachers and many of them have this negative view of technology and how it pertains to them. The future is here and many educators are holding on to an unproductive past!