Thursday, September 25, 2008

Mike Lynch Cartoon in WOMEN'S WORLD Part Two

"No, I am not available as a downloadable podcast."

Yesterday I showed 5 cartoons I mailed to Women's World magazine and asked you to guess which one was bought. Most of you got it right! It's the podcast one, above.

I'm surprised as well. I liked the guy playing videogames (below) better, but I suppose it infers a divorced parent and maybe that's not the WW image. I don't know.

"I swear he's just dating me for my son's video games."

Thanks so much to those who played along.


Ans said...

I thought latter one was chosen, even I liked it better.

Sandra said...

The look on the man's face playing the video game is 5-star! I laugh every time I look at it.

Mike Lynch said...

Dear Husband:
The cartoon would "imply"; the reader would "infer". I'll keep bugging you until you get this one right.
Your (pedantic) Wife