Friday, October 30, 2009

DOCTOR WHO "The Waters of Mars" November 15 Premiere on BBC UPDATED

UPDATE: BBC America will air "The Waters of Mars" on Saturday December 19th at 9pm et/pt.

Just in from The Doctor Who News Page: the next-to-last David Tennant DOCTOR WHO episode "The Waters of Mars" will air on Sunday night, November 15th at 7pm. BBC America has promised to air it in the States "soon."

Here are 2 new previews from the Doctor Who TV Web site:


This Girl said...

I am literally jumping in my chair...

Anonymous said...

They've almost got this right; it's now down to a four week window between the UK and US premieres, which is a real good sign of progress.

I'm hoping that going forward they get it down from here to something more user friendly, say about a 72 hour window. Let's hope they manage to hit that mark during the Matt Smith run of the show.