Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ernie Colon Remembers George Tuska

Tom Spurgeon post this remembrance of George Tuska by comics artist Ernie Colon.

I've read it a couple of times now. Sad and touching. Worth going to the link and seeing what Mr. Colon has written.


My small story, but it's not really my story:

I have a local frame shop the next town over, where they all know me. "Oh, it's Mike who draws the cartoons. Hi Mike! Etc."

Now who doesn't like to be greeted like a celebrity when they walk into a joint, huh?

Anyway, they are a great group and they have done me some great work for me since I moved here in 2007.

One of the owners mentioned that her Dad was friends with a comic book artist. I probably never heard of him, she says. His name is George Tuska. I told her I knew who Tuska was, for sure. I read Tuska's 1970s Marvel comics.

She told me about years and years worth correspondence, between her father and Mr. Tuska, with Tuska doodling on all of the letters. They had known each other for years. I can't remember if they had met as kids or what. Her mother, she told me, has all of the letters and they are considered treasures, kept in a safe place.

I said that if she ever felt she would like to share these personal items with friends and fans of Mr. Tuska, I would be happy to put a selection on my blog.

This is all there is to it. Perhaps one day I'll be fortunate enough to share some of the doodles. Like I said, this isn't really my story. But isn't wonderful that George Tuska touched so many people?

Above graphic of "Mob Buster Robinson" by George Tuska nicked from Golden Age Comic Book Stories.

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The Postcardguy - Kevin Hughes said...

I knew George Tuska and his wife quite well. They were good customers of mine (I manage a bank here in NJ). I only learned of George's cartooning fame after his death. I wish I had known sooner, as I would have enjoyed talking to him about his career.

Thanks for the article...Kevin NJ