Friday, October 23, 2009

Frank Robbins

Pete Doree blogs about Frank Robbins' 1970s comic book output at his Bronze Age of Blogs. Well worth stoping by to see the scans.

Speaking as a fellow former kid of the 1970s, I didn't like Frank's art then -- but as I got older, I appreciated it a lot more. I still have my copy of The Shadow No. 7, from which the above illustration of Lamont Cranston's girlfriend, Margot Lane, knocking out an evil Nazi, is taken.

Frank had so much energy in those Caniff-style inks that it looked like those people were going to explode. Like Pete says, Frank Robbins' art didn't look like the Marvel house style. That's why I like it so much now. Just looking at his Johnny Hazzard art (excerpted at Pete's blog), you can see the wonderful skill, the artistic knowledge and the pacing.

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