Friday, October 23, 2009

NEW Adrian Sinnott Blog

My friend, fellow ink-slinger and chair of the Berndt Toast Gang, Adrian Sinnott launches his new blog (Barking Hollow Studios, Inc.; Sketches by Adrian Sinnott) this month.

"I’m sure it’s been done before but I’m hoping this blog will be more of a visual journey than a written one. I realised that many of the quick drawings I do when traveling are only seen by me and, possibly, the person bored with their newspaper in the next seat. I’ve also developed a well-earned reputation of being able to hold a conversation, often for longer than I should. So, here, with a minimum of words, is a diary of drawings from planes, trains, and automobiles. Of course, my Irish tendency to add a bit of color with a few words will invariably bubble to the top."
Adrian is a prolific commercial illustrator, instructor and children's book artist. He's also an all around swell guy who has some great stories to tell.

Welcome, Adrian. And I look forward to lots of bloggy goodness to come.

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