Friday, October 16, 2009


Above: an Al Ross cartoon. Love that simple sketchy line. Al is doing fine at the age of 98, thank you very much!

More cartoons from GREAT CARTOONS OF THE WORLD Edited by John Bailey, copyright 1967 by Crown Publishers, New York, NY.

Here are some wordless stories about this ironic, funny world we live in. Above, here's Bosc, writing about luck and death.

Above: Quentin Blake who was a gag cartoonist, before he turned full-time children's book illustrator.

Above: another cartoon by Bosc about what is art. Oo la la.

Sempe gives us a multi-panel epic.

Mordillo's world is slightly insaner than anyone else's.

Syverson's line: I look at it and marvel at its liquid energy. A forgotten master.


Greg said...

Awesome stuff, thanks so much for sharing! Sempe's "epic" multi-panel is hilarious--he does an amazing job of conveying feelings with such few strokes.

Greg said...

Also, I love the composition in the first cartoon of the post, by Al Ross! The piece of trash carries so much "weight" on the page. The clean-up guy's eyes and the sitting man's arm all form a perfectly straight line to focus our attention on the little piece of paper.