Friday, September 15, 2006

Gag Cartoonist Eli Stein's Site

Veteran cartoonist Eli Stein has a Web site. Eli made his first big sale, to the Wall Street Journal, 50 years ago. He is still drawing. I've seen him in the New Yorker offices from time to time, on Tuesdays, the "cartoon look" day.

His Web site recounts past gag cartoons and he will, every once in a while, throw in a paragraph about the gag.

He also has some photos -- including one of a fellow I have talked to on the phone over the years, and never, ever met: Charles Preston, the WSJ cartoon editor. Thanks, Eli, for the opportunity to connect name to face.

The WSJ, through Mr. Preston, was my second sale to a major market when I was starting out.

(Above: Charles Preston and Eli Stein at the 50th anniversary of the WSJ cartoon event at the World Trade Center in 1999. This was before I was a full-time freelance cartoonist. I was working, somehwere above these guys, in one of the towers, wearing a shirt and tie running the graphics division for an investment bank. Yeesh! Anyway, the exhibit of WSJ cartoons was expertly positioned in a public walkway so thousands of people would walk by and see it. I remember looking at the cartoons and wondering if I would ever, possibly, maybe be cartooning full-time ....)

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Ger Apeldoorn said...

Mike, I found a 1961 cartoon strip series called Kermit the Hermit by a cartoonist signing Eli. Could that be this guy? I'll post the cartoons as soon as I have scanned in my copies of a 1960 unsold strip called Kermit the Hermit by Harvey Kurtzman and Elliot Caplin.