Monday, September 18, 2006

Mark Anderson Visits New York City

Here is Mark Anderson, intrepid gag cartoonist, outside of the Conde Nast building where the New Yorker magazine offices are.

OK, now he's just being silly.

Mark Anderson came into town this weekend. After a grind of a trip down from Chicago (flight cancelled, on standby, etc.), he finally made it to LaGuardia (even though he should've gone to JFK -- I told you it was a mess!) late Friday night. We went to Manhattan the next day, poking around the city's best comic book stores before dropping in to the Overlook Lounge.

Here at the Overlook is the cartoon mural, and Mark duly added his cartoon to the wall.

His Andertoon is now forever surrounded by The Phantom, Little Orphan Annie, Popeye, Super Duper and Heathcliff. Look at that SWOOSH of his arm as he knocks off yet another Andertoon cartoon!

My thanks to Jeff at the Overlook for his continuing hospitality!

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