Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Maritime Vacation Photos

Being away for a couple weeks means bringing back vacation photos. We were in the Canadian Maritimes, camping week one on Grand Manan Island, and staying in a Prince Edward Island cottage week two.

Above is the menu on the Grand Manan ferry. Everything is fried. The 90 minute ferry trip from Blacks Harbor, New Brunswick to Grand Manan Island allows for much digestion time.

A fishing weir. Grand Manan has losts of these nets, strung up in coves. Herring swim in and can't figure out how to escape. Dumb herring.

This is where we camped. All piney and rocky and misty. Although there are a number of small towns on the island, there are many quiet, wild places.

Home sweet home. Note that it was very wet the first couple of days and so a warming digestif had to be served in the tent. In the morning, the bottle was picked up and duly recycled.

Our camp, on the edge of the Atlantic. A weir is just out of view. The tent is in the woods.

Drying out the sleeping bags after our first 2 days of rain.

This is the weir in our little cove. Our camp overlooked it. Yes, I took a lot of photos of the weir.

Above, a cliff overlooking the site where William and Floyd Jones smashed their boat on a snowy night 43 years ago. It took William Jones 3 hours to scale the cliff to get help.

And, above, a commemorative hand-made sign. It takes a good 45 minutes walking a path through field and woods to get to this from the nearest lighthouse.

You can see how the weather can turn. A beautiful afternoon. And if you look at that promontory on the right, the one waaay down there ...

... that's where I am! This is called "The Haystack."
There is this lone picnic table down in Haystack, and no one else around. Except for about a dozen minke whales who wandered by and played for us. No good photos of them since they were just little black blots on the water.

Another view of "our weir" with the sunset hitting it.

Our Grand Manan camping area from the ferry as we depart.

And off to PEI for week 2. We stayed in a cottage overloooking the water, with a sandy/rocky red beach.

The porch of our rental. There was a rope and some knots to try.

Our posrch in the morning.

"A good drying day on PEI" is hard to find, but we had one, and so all our dirty clothes were washed and hung up to dry.

And, lastly, some views of our cove and environs. We had seals here, and saw a couple of pods of whales. It was the herring run, so there was a lot activity

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