Monday, September 11, 2006

Newspaper Comic Strips

Hi. This is where we were, camping on a cliff overlooking the Fundy Bay in the Atlantic. Yes, it was, at times, soggy and chilly, but we saw eagles and whales, so it was all worth it. I'm back now, so let's go to the blog.
OK, like I said, just back from a trip to the Canadian Maritimes where I read the comics as often as I could. The Telegraph-Journal (Saint John, New Brunswick) prints their comics in color (or "colour" as they say there). But on this one Thursday, for no reason I could tell, the comics page, which had been colored, was then printed in grey tones. Look at BIZARRO. Terribly muddy. And there FOR BETTER OR FOR WORSE strip looks like there are the Northern Lights in the background. Go figure!

The Guardian ("Covers Prince Edward Island Like the Dew") publishes a weekly TV listings insert, And they pepper it with comics features. Most were unknown to me. PLAY BETTER GOLF WITH JACK NICKLAUS is drawn in an old school style and the hand lettering looks a little shaky. It sure looks like Zip-a-tone on that club. Is this a fresh, daily feature being published today -- or was it a rerun? I don't know.

And here is LAFF-A-DAY, which I thought was discontinued many years ago. Love that pince nez popping off the boss's nose! This antique has got to be some kinda odd rerun.

And last is THE FAMILY CIRCUS, or rather THE FAMILY OVAL. It looks like Stewie's head! Why The Guardian doesn't just get rid of the double headline for the late Henry Boltinoff's feature, and stretch the feature back to its circle I don't know!

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